Welcome to Woodstock Learning Center

We invite all interested parents to visit our school, talk to us and tour our school. Bring your child to learn how WLC advantage is such a unique and special experience for the foundation of your child’s life. 

Schedule a visit by calling our Admissions Office at (02) 641-2889. 


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WLC considers that children are special, unique, complex and fascinating individuals. They are born with an intense desire to learn.  If nurtured properly, this will sustain a whole lifetime of learning.  Children learn best when they are involved in the process of learning within an environment most suited to their age and stage of development.

It is the goal of the school to help in rearing happy, creative and socially responsible children. WLC believes that this is achieved by providing an environment manned by qualified professionals who will help realize the children’s capabilities and skills.  It aims to provide a safe and stimulating environment in which children can grow and develop with the nurturing support and guidance of teachers, staff and parents.  


VISION: Woodstock Learning Center is committed to set the highest standard in preschool and grade school education by becoming one of the best developmental and progressive schools in Pasig City through a culture of excellence, innovations and expertise.

MISSION: We are builders of young minds. We will serve the children by nurturing them to become leaders with good moral values, giving them the appropriate education that can create change and impact to future generations.



To provide each child with appropriate activities that will maximize his/her capabilities and enhance the development of his/her natural talents and skills;

To provide a safe and stimulating environment for each child;

To encourage active participation of each child in his/her learning through exploration and hands-on activities; and

To cultivate a strong home-school partnership.


We believe that every child is special and unique.

We believe that each child has a great potential stored within him. He is an active participant in his own learning.

We believe that it is our responsibility to nurture each child until he reaches his full potential.

We believe that all children are planted with seeds of greatness so no child should be left behind.



We instill wisdom by giving the students the best academic foundation and opportunities for them to reflect on their experiences, to know what is right and just, to learn how to ask the right questions in seeking for answers so that they may have good judgment when faced with challenges.

Love  for  Learning

We advocate love for learning by training our students to try out different age and developmentally appropriate activities, allowing them to use their talents and skills to explore, discover, and learn with the guidance of their educators.


We build character by promoting correct values, productive behaviour and commendable virtues integral to the formation of a positive and well-rounded individual. It is our passion and conviction to help not just to build the mind but to establish the life of the heart as well.