Nursery 1

The Nursery 1 curriculum emphasizes children's language, communication, and cognitive skills, as well as creative expression, sensory, social and personal growth and development. Learning centers around movement, songs, dances play enjoyment. 

Nursery 2

Children in Nursery 2 begin to acquire increased awareness of numbers, engage in concepts and processes of math, explore sounds and letters of the alphabet and develop interest in books and reading. Their control and coordination of the fine motor skills increase their ability to manipulate materials and to engage in early pre-writing experiences. 

Kindergarten 1

Our Kinder 1 programme reinforces children's increasing competencies in using language as a tool for learning and communication. Reading, phonics and numeracy skills are introduced to promote the children's emergent capacity for language, skills and concepts learning.  

Kindergarten 2

Our Kinder 2 programme actively promotes children's increasing capacity for learning content and knowledge, intellectual development, and acquisition of skills and concepts. In Kinder 2, teaching and learning emphasize process-oriented., experienced-centered strategies and interdisciplinary approaches. 

Grades 1 to 6

The Woodstock Learning Center Grade School Department provides Basic Education from Grades 1 to 6. We offer English, Math, Science, Social Studies, Filipino, Music, Arts, varied Physical Education skills, Christian Life Formation, Home Economics and Computer Studies. Concepts in each subject are taught through the integration of theories and hands-on activities. This allows them to enhance their natural talents and capabilities that will help them succeed in pursuing studies in the secondary and tertiary levels, and most especially in their life.